3 things to see and do in Asheville, North Carolina

Have you decided to travel to Asheville, North Carolina on your vacation? We promise that you will not regret it. The natural beauty of the place constitutes a unique experience for the senses. From the wonderful Appalachian Mountains that are home to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak of all, to the colorful and aromatic arboretum of North Carolina, the scenery will amaze you. Don’t forget about the rich artistic heritage and be sure to take enough time to enjoy the live shows at a local theater or the annual music festival. If the bounties of mother nature weren’t enough, Asheville is packed with must-see historical buildings.

1. Get into the cheese route

Western North Carolina (WNC) offers visitors the opportunity to sample freshly made cheeses. Due to the great diversity in the industry and landscapes, travelers can spend an entire day or up to a week exploring. You can meet the cheese producers in person and taste their delicacies. You can even buy the products from the same factory. Nothing cooler than that.

Diversity is also reflected in the manufacturing processes that range from artisans who venture into the world of cheeses to producers that make cow and goat cheese. The route itself has been specially designed to promote sales of artisan cheeses and to educate and promote tourism in the area. While not all factories are open to the public, they all support the project’s objectives. Sunday April 26, 2015 marks the date of the first annual Highland Brewing Mountain Cheese Festival, which aims to promote cheese trail activity.

2. Have fun in Splasheville

Splasheville is one of Asheville’s newest attractions and is an ideal place to come with your family on a summer afternoon. Located in Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville, it is nothing more and nothing less than an interactive water park that aims to please people of all ages.

Splasheville has giant water arches that will refresh you on a hot day. Plus, being located in Pack Square Park, you can take a dip in the fountain and then lie back to soak up the sun on the green, vibrant grass. The place also has drinking fountains and toilets for which you do not have to pay a penny to use them. The park generally opens its doors from 9 am to 9 pm, although it sometimes modifies its hours for special events. We recommend that you check the attraction calendar before planning your visit.

3. Enjoy the World Coffee Cafe

The World Coffee Cafe is located in a nine-story building that dates back to the 1920s known as the Flatiron Building. It is located on the corner of Battery Park and Wall Street in downtown Asheville. The World Coffee Cafe bar is on the terrace of the building and has heated balconies that provide a unique perspective of the city.

While enjoying the scenery, you can delight in a drink, a snack or, why not, a dessert that awakens all your senses. More than 60 businesses operate in that same building, including a spa and beauty salon, a law firm, a church, engineering offices, and all kinds of healers and therapists. It is definitely a treat for all five senses and a must stop to take advantage of in Asheville.

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